Wild Adventures

We have some exciting news to announce regarding the Nursery grounds. As you know, a main focus for the children's education at The Wendy House is outdoor learning and all the benefits it brings. Earlier in the year we were able to acquire more land and wooded areas for the children to explore and have finally been able to get the work under way for making the areas accessible. So we want to introduce you to:

Wilding Wood - this is a fabulous wood that runs along the Nursery boundary. A Nature Trail has been sympathetically made in the wood so the children can enjoy the magic and wonder of a woodland walk! The children can weave their way along the path through the trees and bushes, talking about the nature and wildlife around us. Camps and dens can be made and entire sessions can be spent down in this wonderful space.


The Spinney - this is a magical wooded area where all the children can be taken for stories and let their imaginations run wild! This is a more intimate space with clusters of trees where we can imagine the children creating a world of their own. 

Nature Maze extended - with the extra acreage we now have at our disposal, we have extended the Nature Maze, which now runs further down to Wendy Wood and beyond.

Maze copy.jpgThe Hide - you may already know about our lovely bird hide, which all the children get to enjoy. They absolutely love being in the hide, quietly waiting for the many birds that live around us to come and scratch about.

Hide copy.jpgWe are incredibly lucky to be able to have extended the outdoor facilities yet again for the children and hope they will have an even greater time with us! 

"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky" 
(Margaret McMillan - Early Years Pioneer)