" The environment is stimulating and extremely welcoming. The carefully considered open-plan arrangement of each room enables children to build exceptionally secure relationships with all Practitioners." - Ofsted

Our Layout

Bluebell Room (3-15 months) 

Our beautiful Bluebell Room is the perfect place for babies. Soft and inviting, fun and exciting, this is a room where our baby Bluebells feel happy and loved. Unlike other settings we have a separate sleep room so that our babies can snuggle down for a good nap without any distractions or disturbances.

This room is for babies from 3 to 15 months only as we believe it is important to have separate spaces for the younger, more vulnerable babies from their older, more mobile and adventurous friends. 

Poppy Room (15 months-2 years)
Our Poppy Room is for our older babies who are starting to find their feet and develop their personalities. This is an age when our Poppies are wanting to play more independently, they want to explore and just soak up everything they see and hear. They are encouraged through play and activities to develop their senses and explore their world in a fun and stimulating environment.

Daisy Room (2-3 years)
When the Daisy's move into this room at the age of two they are just moving out of the baby stage and they go through huge changes in their development during the year before they move through to our pre-school room. Potty training, speech development, social skills - all these have to be carefully encouraged and developed. Our staff are skilled at recognising these differences and their skills are important in helping the children with these transitional changes and through providing a stimulating and fun environment for the Daisy's to explore and learn.

Sunflower Room (3-4 years)
The Sunflower Room is for our pre-school children aged 3 to 5 years. A large, bright and inviting room with dedicated spaces for helping children to develop their skills and personalities. We recognise the differences in the children therefore all activities are tailored to meet each child's individual level of development. Our highly qualified staff, lead by an Early Years Professional, have a sound knowledge of the EYFS and total commitment to the children. This ensures that all our Sunflowers are extremely well prepared for the next stage of their lives as we prepare them for the Willow Barn and beyond.

Willow Barn (4 years +)
The Willow Barn is a dedicated building for our older pre-school children as we prepare them for primary school. The children will be playing and learning in a beautiful building where they will be fully immersed in the forest school approach of outdoor learning and using the magnificent resources to explore, investigate and experiment new ideas and skills.

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