Conservation Cabin

Our Conservation Cabin sits within our beautiful grounds and provides the children with the opportunity to learn in a safe and natural environment, in all weathers.

All of the children, regardless of age, have access to the cabin and participate in a variety of exciting and stimulating nature-themed activities that help them develop a positive view of the natural environment and understand how we can help to preserve the wonders of the wildlife around us.

We are fully committed to providing the best possible outdoor learning opportunities for the children and our Conservation Cabin really highlights our passion regarding the benefits of children learning and developing in a natural environment.

Not only does regular interaction with the outdoor environment help children to maintain and understand healthy lifestyles, it also provides greater opportunities to explore larger areas, allowing freedom and a wider range of movements.

The benefits of outdoor learning are endless and it's amazing to witness first hand the positive effects these opportinities have on the children.

Outdoor Adventures

As well as the Conservation Cabin, the children have a wealth of other exciting outdoor resources to access such as our reed bed boardwalk and Nature Maze. The boardwalk enables children to get closer to birds, butterflies, bees and dragonflies in their natural habitats, where our Nature Maze allows the children to walk into the unknown, snaking through the long grass making all kinds of exciting discoveries!

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