"Staff skilfully support children to extend vocabulary, checking that they understand new words and offering them further opportunities to use these words." - Ofsted

Our Staff

The daily experience of children in early years settings and the overall quality of provision depends on all practitioners having appropriate qualifications, training, skills and knowledge and a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. (Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage)


Not everyone has the ability to work with children. It is such a specialist area that only special people can do it. It is for this reason that our staff are hand-picked for their commitment and dedication, along with their gentle and kind personalities.

Long gone are the days when Nursery workers were thought of as unskilled workers who simply read stories and sing nursery rhymes. The Wendy House is committed to raising the standards and profile of Nursery Practitioners, who are highly skilled professionals and educators of children in their own right.

The people who care for your child have an enormous influence on their development and happiness and it is vital that they are trained to the highest levels possible. The Wendy House prides itself on its exceptional level of support and training for its staff. We have a dedicated training room and an on-going, rolling policy for training.

Matt and Jacquie are passionate about raising standards within the childcare sector, carrying out all the in-house training, we believe this sets the The Wendy House apart from other settings. The EYPS (Early Years Professional Status) is recognised as the gold standard in early years qualifications and the only government endorsed accreditation for the early years workforce. EYPS is awarded to candidates that demonstrate excellent practice with children and the ability to lead and support other Practitioners. We are proud to say that we have 2 Early Years Professionals, including one of the Nursery owners, who have achieved Early Years Professional Status.

Our on-going training sessions include all aspects of the EYFS Framework, along with Child Protection, Special Educational Needs and Equalities, as well as constantly up-dating and focusing on the many Policies and Procedures we adhere to. All our staff are paediatric first aid trained and we believe The Wendy House is the only Nursery in the area to have been awarded Millie's Mark - a gold standard award for paediatric first aid.

We have a core group of full-time staff who are based permanently within one age group throughout the day. This ensures continuity of care and enables strong relationships to be built, with the added benefit of forging closer bonds with both child and parents. Having a smaller core group of staff also means that all the staff within our settings get to know all of the children, so we really do become like one big family.

We also pride ourselves on our exceptionally low staff turnover. We believe this is due to the high levels of support the staff receive from Matt and Jacquie. Staff who join us from other settings are always amazed at the facilities and resources available to them. We firmly believe that happy, supported staff will always mean happy, contented children.

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