" The staff use the outside area very well to promote children's physical development and their enjoyment of the natural environment. This is especially so in the Forest School are where staff provide equipment and natural space to enable children to investigate, jump, climb and balance." - Ofsted

Forest School

"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky"

Wendy Wood - An Amazing Place For Children To Learn

Unlike other Day Nursery's, The Wendy House is unique in that it can boast it's very own on-site Forest School Area affectionately known as 'Wendy Wood' - a place for the children to have fun, learn and explore the natural environment.


What is The Wendy Wood Forest Schools Project?

Forest Schooling is a method of working outdoors with children, focusing on their needs and using the natural environment to promote Personal, Social and Emotional development.

Why is Forest School such a great opportunity for your children?

1. It is proven from research that learning that takes place in the outdoors is much more powerful and memorable as all the senses are involved.

2. Forest Schools develop children through a child-led approach.

3. Children are taught how to assess risks for themselves.

4. Children are able to develop their speech, language, social skills and empathy.

5. Children learn to respect and appreciate the countryside.


How are children kept safe?

There is always a Senior member of staff present who is trained in first aid, as are all supervisory staff. The wooded area is close enough to the Nursery that in the event of an accident or emergency they are able to raise the alarm quickly.

There is a high ratio of adults in Forest School. (At least 1 adult to 5/6 children.)

Children are shown the boundaries of the outdoor learning space and are given detailed training on all activities.


The Wendy House will provide the children with water proof jackets and trousers to keep the children dry, however it would be great if you could send your child in with clothing that is appropriate for all weathers, such as long sleeved t-shirts, warm jumpers, scarves and wellington boots, where necessary.

Getting there

You will be informed of the day your child will be visiting Wendy Wood, we anticipate that we will be doing three sessions per week to allow for all of the Sunflowers to be part of this exciting new project.

The children will take a short walk from the Nursery garden into Wendy Wood.

What will they do there?

Children will gradually build up to different activities as they become more accustomed to the surroundings.

These may include:

  • Mud faces
  • Shelter building
  • Collecting fire wood
  • Using basic tools under supervision
  • Nature walks
  • Using a talking stick for listening and talking to each other around the fire circle


About each session

Children will be in Wendy Wood for about two and a half hours each time. The session usually starts with an opening discussion around the fire circle. Then the activities available are explained and any safety training given to them.

Children then choose what they would like to do and the session closes with a reflection around the fire circle.