" Children are extremely happy and enjoy their time at the Nursery." - Ofsted

About Us


The Wendy House Day Nurseries are owned and run by Matt Darby and Jacquie Ellison. Since opening their first Nursery in 2003 they quickly established a reputation for having extremely high standards and both very much believe that smaller child care settings can offer a more individual and personal level of care for children. They both understand completely that they are asking parents to leave the most precious person in their world in their care and, as such, take that responsibility with the seriousness it deserves.

The Wendy House is not part of a large chain of Nurseries, governed by a distant head office. As dedicated and experienced Nursery owners, Matt and Jacquie oversee the care of the children, offer support to their team of staff and have regular contact with parents to get feedback from them, which is vital in maintaining standards.


Matt and Jacquie are both passionate about their Nurseries and their belief that children in Nursery settings can, and should, receive personal and top quality care.'Our success is based very much on our philosophy that 'small is beautiful'. Our Nurseries are not large children's centres housing 100+ children, but concentrate on providing top-quality care in smaller numbers, with very much a family feel.

We firmly believe that by keeping our numbers smaller than other Nurseries, we can provide a more tailored package of care, focusing on a child's individual development and needs and ensuring that each child's personality is allowed to flourish.